Moscow--City of the Lost

Need directions? Don’t ask a Muscovite!

It’s not that they’re unfriendly—quite the opposite, actually. They won’t hesitate to help you if you look lost. It’s just that, when you don’t know where to go, usually they won’t either.
In fact, I haven’t yet been to a city whose residents are so utterly clueless about it’s offerings. Today, we had a bit of trouble navigating our way around the “Tretyakovsky” district, which boasts one of the more famous collections of Russian icons. Here are some of the ‘tips’ we got from the locals:

“Oh the gallery? Yeah..let me think for a second..I don’t quite remember.”
“Which gallery is that? I don’t know it. Sorry!”
“Oh yes, that’s to the left after the crosswalk!” (it was to the right, before the crosswalk)

Moscow is huge—11 million people huge. And there is not a single person that knows where they’re going.