From Russia with Love/Hate

Russians love:
- Opulence. They has it.
- Sushi, on every menu.
- Techno-ambiance music in restaurants.
- BMW 750LI cop cars.
- Frosty nail polish and lipstick.
- English words in Cyrillic.
- Slits and holes (on purpose) in clothing.
- Tracksuits, socks and mandals (man-sandals).
- Making out on escalators.
- Posing sexy for pictures in front of more attractive objects/monuments.

Russians hate:
- Giving change
- Answering questions, especially if it is their job.
- Providing customer service.
- Personal space.
- Deodorant. Seriously! Why??
- Ice in drinks.
- English speakers.
- Fairly priced museum tickets.
- Convenient crosswalks.
- You.

Things people have said to us that inadvertently summarize our entire trip:
But lady, youre in Russia now.
I dont have any change.
What ice?
If the babushka at the entrance likes you, she’ll let you in.

Should-be mottos of the country:
The customer is always wrong.
But it has gotten so much better!