Brr.. it's cold in here!

We thought we were traveling South. For some reason, in our heads, Brugge was the northernmost point we would reach in our journey, and for that we were grateful. Having only packed clothes fit for 80-something weather, we were caught short by Europe’s sudden anti-global warming campaign that manifested itself in weather that more resembled the end of October than any summer month.

We were wrong, as usual.

Our plan was to go to Hanover from Koln, but that changed as soon as we heard that the city was rather war-torn and grim. We had heard great things about Bremen from some other hostelers that we met, and one of them even offered a good hostel in which we could stay as well as a map. We were sold.

Off to Bremen we went!

The only thing I knew about the city prior to hopping on the train for a 3 hour journey far, far north, was that my favorite childhood cartoon was named after its famous musicians, the Bremen Musicians.

We wanted a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Belgium before we destroyed our livers and morals in Berlin, and Bremen seemed like the perfect place for this little vacation.

We arrived in Bremen yesterday, and spent most of the day chilled because it was drizzling just enough to dampen your clothes and neither one of us had thought to bring an umbrella.

Luckily, today was much nicer (albeit not warmer) weather, so we went exploring. Following our usual map-provided walking tours, we saw the Dom St. Petri, the City Hall, and of course, the ever-elusive Bremen Musicians statue. Also, we walked down the winding streets of Schnoor, the oldest part of this old city.

Like any good scientist, I always compare my hypothesis with my results to see if they corroborate it. As I mentioned previously, the only “research” I had done on Bremen was watching (almost obsessively) the Soviet cartoon “Bremenskiye Muzikanti”. Watch it below to get a sense of what the story is about.

Here’s what I learned after a day spent in the city itself:

1. Not everyone is blond or blue-eyed…but most are.

2. Donkeys don’t try to run you over with their carriages…bicyclists do.

3. The original story, written by the Brothers Grimm, is about a donkey who gets kicked out by his master (a miller) and travels to Bremen in pursuit of his musical dream. The Soviet cartoon makes no mention of a miller, and brings along a blond who resembles Elvis. There is also a princess involved. In fact, besides the name of the musicians and the journey to Bremen, there is little in common with the Grimm fairytale and the Soviet cartoon.

Tiny little towns like these are what make Eurotrips such as ours so worthwhile. Having said that, I can’t wait until we arrive in Berlin!